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Koru Concepts offers interior painting, organization/decluttering, and deep cleaning. Many times these services tie together into one project. If we are already moving your things around, might as well paint the walls and deep clean the area. We offer a discount when you choose to bundle our services saving you money and the hassle of hiring multiple companies.

Plans & Pricing: Services


Each painting project brings its own unique pricing along with it. We calculate the total square footage, the hours that the job with take, the detail of the work and how many colors are being used to come up with something just for you. We try our best to work with every budget and have tips and ideas to help you save money. Please call today for a free estimate and to talk over your project.


This service is priced per hour or priced in packages. Everyone has a different idea on what organizing means to them and how they envision their space. We try to accommodate for every style of organizing and every type of budget. If you feel like the options listed below are more then you need or looking for something else, please contact us and we will most likely be able to work something out.

Starting prices are at $50/hour with a minimum of 3 hours. This is great for pantry organization or a small closet/bedroom. 


  • Multi Room Decluttering
    This package is great for those who have multiple spaces in their home that need a "light organization". Examples would be clutter/papers/dishes/tupperware/random home items in your kitchen that need to be put away. Another example would be your child's playroom that needs the toys to be put back and arranged in a meaningful manner. This type of organizing does not focus too much on buying new storage bins and holders, but more so using what you already have. There will still be a process of purging soe items that you do not want, but it is not as detailed as other packages because it covers more space. This package is good for 3 areas of the home and includes a light cleaning as well. (Up to 12 hours) - $550

  • Deep Dive
    This package is for narrowing in on your "Hot Zones". This could be your home office that needs some serious organization including new filing systems for paper work, receipts and bills. This package could also be for your child's playroom. All toys, board games, books and electronics with be tested, sorted and if needed, purged. We create areas for playing and systems for easy clean up. Another area this package is good for are closets. Whether its your clothing closet you need help maximizing you space in or a storage closet that needs holiday décor, knick knacks ad keep sakes labeled and put in order. This is for a single space and includes a light cleaning. (Up to 9 hours)

       - $400​

  • Kitchen Cleanup
    Kitchens are beast of their own. They often need the most cleaning and organizing which is why this package includes both. We will discuss how you cook, what items you use most, and create a layout to maximize your space and make it easy to remove and replace your items. (Up to 6 hours)

  • Garage Giddy Up
    The garage is usually the largest decluttering project of the house. We follow our usual guidelines of purging items that are no longer in use and then put everything back in a functional manner. A lot of times a garage declutter calls for new storage units such as shelving and storage bins. There is a light cleaning included in the price. (Up to 15 hours)

  • Moving In/Out
    Let Koru Concepts help you with the moving preparations and the hard decisions of what to take and what to leave. Decluttering before a move will make the move in process much smoother. Coordinating logistics and unpacking can also be overwhelming. We can help with your move from beginning to end and all the small details in-between. Since this is usually a multi day process and home very greatly in size and items, the price can fluctuate. Please contact Koru to discuss the details of your move and let us give you a free quote.

  • Life Transitions
    Sometimes life throws us the unexpected and can be hard to undertake on your own. Divorce, loss of a family member or loved one, or going through a storage unit may not be something you want to face on your own. We offer judgement free, kind, and compassionate services to help you through this difficult time and make sense of the belongings attached to it. Every situation is different and we would love to talk to you about your options today.


A deep cleaning goes beyond your everyday cleaning and only needs to be done once every 3-6 months. When we come to do an estimate, you will fill out a form of the areas in your home you feel need the deepest clean. We use the square footage of your home, how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are, and level of cleanliness as a base price, then add on additional services. Examples of additional services are listed below.

  • Extensive dusting including lamp shades, ceiling blades and removing light fixtures. - $25-$45

  • Deep clean/scrub of base boards - $40-$60 (Also consider having us do a fresh coat of paint to your baseboards. It will brighten up the room!)

  • Oven Cleaning and drip pans - $10

  • Leather furniture deep clean - $20 (this does not repair your leather. If you need leather repair please ask us who we recommend)

  • Cleaning under furniture - $20-$60

  • Floor vents vacuumed/covers washed - $20-$30 

  • Window sill/door tracks cleaned - $25-$45

  • Personal laundry washed, folded, put away - Estimate in person

  • Bed linens washed and bed made - $25 per bed

  • Stainless polished/water spots removed in kitchen and bathrooms - $25

  • Water spot removal in shower - $30 per shower

  • Walls wiped down/cleaned - $45-$65

  • Carpets washed - $100-$200

  • Shower curtains washed - $15

  • Refrigerator emptied, cleaned, put back - $45

  • Furniture upholstery vacuumed - $20

  • Washing machine cleaned/sanitized - $10

  • Grout Cleaning - $20-$60 per area

  • Trash cans cleaned inside and out $5 per can 

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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